The Content Creator Hall of Fame Series

As more content is being produced, being selective has become overwhelming. I find it very difficult to come across something that I actually feel related to, brings something truly positive to my life, and that I really enjoy watching; which isn’t easy being a designer, cuz you know, our eyes are constantly drawn to appealing visuals.

There are a million topics you can choose from and channels from all around the world, but we will focus on the kind of content I watch on my free time: fashion, lifestyle and fitness and health.

This is what I look for in a video:

  1. Level of relatable content

  2. Video and audio quality

  3. Use of camera (is this the right way to say it? I mean camera angles and shots)

  4. Graphic Design

  5. Overall editing

As a designvert, I have never shared this with a lot of people, well, no one outside my family really; they do listen to me but not necessarily share my interest or understand what I’m talking about. That’s why I am happy to share my favorite channels with you in this series after years of watching YouTube and looking for the best.

DISCLAIMER: I know I'm not expert or whatsoever in film and editing, this is just my personal opinion on what makes me happy. Because sometimes you have a lot to tell and share, I want to dedicate one post for every creator that makes it into the Content Creator Hall of Fame.

Sarah’s Day

The best of YouTube: Sarah's Day

From Australia to the world! She is YouTube’s holistic health princess, I mean, how cool is that? Her channel is about lifestyle, health, fitness, and after three collaborations with White Fox, one with LaBang Body, Tropeaka, and a secret cooking project coming soon, she has built a pretty amazing creative career.

When she talks about her creative process, she never forgets to mention her inspiration: life itself. Her activewear have a personal meaning and the outcome has never disappointe; it always sells out in a couple of hours! In every product she releases, she offers a solution to a daily life problem, while staying true to her natural approach. You can learn all about them on her Instagram and YouTube channel, but the two things I’d like to try are the natural deodorant with LaBang and Body Bloom for gut health with Tropeaka; I don’t think they ship to Mexico tho.

Did I mentioned she also has a podcast called The Health Code? A podcast where, along her fiancé Kurt, they talk about relationships, leadership, motivation and how to keep a healthy mind and body. Couple goals.

She constantly reminds us to listen to our body, and has been the inspiration to work on a better version of myself physically and mentally. Watching her struggles and achievements really helps me understand that life is a constant effort and balance. Listening to her talk about acne and birth and hormones and work has made me feel more confident and empowered to have control over my body, life and (someday) motherhood.

I’ve watched Sarah for a year now, but it doesn’t take long for you to notice that her graphics and animations have all the same girly-fresh style and are well executed. That totally levels up the overall quality of her content (which is already amazing), a thing most channels don’t invest time (or money) in. But what I really want to point out it’s her House Renovation Series!

The series really stands out from what we are used to in her channel, not only because of the cool intro's graphics, but because it kinda feels like a TV Show (a little drama never killed nobody, ya know?). It’s also not a blog or a sit and chat video, there’s not even a time lapse insert, it actually takes you along with them in every step of the way and talks details with excitement; which I really appreciate because I do too. They will take care of everything you see and listen, and I'm not only talking about the music, but also about the audio on some of their shots, especially the ones involving cooking or coffee brewing.

I definitely think their production and editing is excellent, not only because they do know how to work the camera around, but because I don't feel like I’m watching them from the security camera place , it really does feels personal and thoughtful.

I can’t wait for the final reveal and the upcoming cooking project! Visit her website to know more about her and her fitness e-books.

P.S. They have the cutest and active baby, Fox Ocean (epic, I know).